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   Using Locationaries™ in Layouts

Locationary words used to spell check data frames can also be used as conventional dictionaries to spell check words on the layout itself.

For example, let's consider that the geographic name "Monticello" is present in a layout's title but is missing from all active dictionaries while being in an active locationary. When the box Should Locationary words used to spell check maps also be used when proofing layout objects? is:

  • Not checked, MapSpeller will flag "Monticello" as a potential error and will not offer this spelling as a replacement suggestion in the Potential Error dialog.
  • Checked, "Monticello" will be considered correctly spelled if the Monticello locationary feature was encountered when proofing objects on the layout page.


Important Note
This functionality is only available when "Layout Page" is selected on the MapSpeller toolbar and the Locationary option is turned on in the Options dialog (either the "Visible Extent" or "Radius" option).


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