Version 4.0


   Overview of Spelling Options

MapSpeller is delivered with default settings that are adequate for most users in the U.S.A.

The MapSpeller Options dialog, however, lets users configure the spell-checking engine to their particular needs.

The General tab includes buttons that quickly set MapSpeller controls to either factory settings, maximize interactions, or maximize automation.

The Targets tab is where users control which GIS objects to spell check.

The Exceptions tab lets users decide if the MapSpeller engine should ignore certain types of words; for example, words in uppercase.

The Dictionaries tab is where dictionaries are set, imported or referenced.

The Locationaries tab is where determine which Locationaries are to be used and how.

In addition three tabs help administer MapSpeller.

The Licensing tab lets users request or update MapSpeller keycodes.

The About tab provides information on the MapSpeller installation.

The Usage Stats tab reports MapSpeller usage statistics for the logged-in person.

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