Version 4.0


   Setting Software General Behavior

The General tab of the MapSpeller Options dialog lets users control some general software behavior.

The tab is accessed from the MapSpeller toolbar by selecting Options from its menu and then clicking on the General tab in the Options dialog.

The tab lets users control:
  • How many replacement suggestions should be displayed in the Potential Errors dialog for each potentially misspelled word encountered.
  • If MapSpeller should save the map document before proofing and possibly editing the document
  • Some behaviors related to proofing tables:
    • Showing tips when proofing tables. When proofing tables, there are many circumstances that can influence the outcome. When this option is checked, explanations are given along the way before the Potential Errors dialog is shown.
    • Determining the zoom level around point feature classes used by the Potential Errors context menu.
    • Allowing MapSpeller to pan to the feature when clicked on in the Potential Errors dialog.
  • To reset most controls from the Options dialog to either maximize interaction, reset to factory settings or maximize automation.


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