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   Setting MapSpeller™ Locationaries™  (U.S. Patent No. 7,681,126)

Purpose of Locationaries

MapSpeller Locationaries are one of the types of dictionaries supported by MapSpeller. They are primarily used in spatial spell-checking.

The Locationaries tab of the MapSpeller Options dialog lets users decide which Locationaries should be used and how.

Dialog Access

The Locationaries tab is accessed from the MapSpeller toolbar by selecting Options from its menu and then clicking on the Locationaries tab in the Options dialog.

Adding or Removing Enterprise Locationaries

Within the Locationaries tab, the Locationaries control group lets users add or remove enterprise Locationaries using the Add or Remove buttons. The only enterprise Locationary format available at the time of this writing are Locationary shapefiles.

The personal Locationary can't be removed from this list.

Activating or Deactivating Locationaries

Locationaries can be in the Locationaries list without and not be active, being used when proofing maps and data. To activate or deactivate a Locationary,

  1. Check or uncheck the box that precedes it in the list,
  2. Specify the Spatial search criterion.

Spatial Search Criteria

If the spatial search is set to Off, no Locationary will be used when proofing maps and data.

At MapSpeller 4.0, the spatial search criterion applies to all checked Locationaries. The spatial criterion determines the spatial relationship Locationary words should have with the word being proofed to be considered. The options are currently:

  1. Within the current visible extent. With this option selected, the MapSpeller spell-checker will consider all Locationary features within the currently visible map extent as dictionary words. This is the default option.
  2. Within a radius around the word to spell check. When this option is selected, the MapSpeller spell-checker considers only Locationary features that are at least partially within a user-specified distance of the word being spell checked. This is the most precise method but also the slowest, as Locationary features must be selected geographically for each word being checked.

Fine-Tuning Locationary Usage

The three checkboxes at the bottom of the dialog fine-tuning how Locationaries are used.

  • The Allow unprojected (GCS) maps or features to be 'radius-proofed' (slow) checkbox lets users control if MapSpeller should be allowed to use Locationaries to proof map data or feature classes that are in a geographic coordinate system. If the user is willing to wait for the extra processing time, MapSpeller will project each object being proofed into an Azimuthal Equidistant projection optimized for the center of the object. This is needed as distances are not constant throughout geographic coordinate systems and are used in radius-proofing.
  • The Should Locationary words used to spell check maps also be used when proofing layout objects? checkbox will let MapSpeller use the Locationary words it encountered while proofing data frames as dictionary words when it proofs objects on the layout page. Edgetech recommends keeping this box checked as it is very handy to avoid false errors in layouts where geographic names from data frames are used, for ex. in the title of the layout page.
  • The Should radius Locationaries overwrite danger dictionaries? checkbox is off by default meaning that if a word has been flagged in a danger dictionary as potentially representing an error, MapSpeller will display it in its Potential Error dialog. This is the safest option as users can then decide what to do with the word. However, it's possible that some points of interest, some geographic features have particularly colorful and potentially not politically correct names. If one is highly confident in the quality of his/her Locationaries, checking the box will prevent false hits.
Additional Notes
  • Activating or deactivating the personal Locationary has no effect on the user's ability to add a new Locationary feature to it from the Potential Error dialog.
  • MapSpeller doesn't offer any interface for editing Enterprise Locationaries. They should be edited using standard ArcMap procedures.
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