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   Ignoring Certain Types of Words

The MapSpeller Options dialog lets users ignore certain types of words:
  • Words that are completely in uppercase, such as "USA". This is convenient for users who want, for example, to avoid spell checking land use or other types of codes or abbreviations that are supposed to be in uppercase.
  • Lower case words starting with an uppercase letter. This would be useful to skip spell checking proper words, such as names of cities, counties or individuals.
  • Words in mixed casings. This is typically useful if the map contains technical jargon such as YearToDate.
  • Words with numbers (digits). For example, District5 or Y2K.
  • Words without letters such as telephone numbers.

The MapSpeller spelling engine considers punctuation characters to be word separators, with a few exceptions:

  • Periods in Internet addresses. Words that are followed by a single period and three characters are considered part of an Internet address. This is the only punctuation behavior that is currently customizable.
  • Periods that are part of multiple word abbreviations, such as U.S.A.
  • Possessive apostrophes (for ex., City's), which are considered part of the preceding word
  • Hyphens between alphanumeric characters, for ex. as in "spell-checker".

However, if punctuation characters are attached to a misspelled word, they are considered part of that word and listed as such in the Potential Errors dialog.

Edgetech America, Inc. is expected to further improve the handling of punctuation characters in a future MapSpeller release.
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