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   Spell Checking Map & Layout Annotations


By default, map and layout annotations are proofed from the Run command on the MapSpeller toolbar or from its dropdown menu.

Map and layout annotations are also called annotation graphics or text graphics. They are text elements stored within ArcMap documents.

  • Map annotations reside within a data frame and are organized in annotation groups.
  • Layout annotations reside on the layout page itself, outside of its maps.

Since ArcGIS 10, layout annotations can contain dynamic tags. When they do, they are called dynamic text. The tags point to information outside of the annotation, such as the user login name, the computer name, when was the map last printed. MapSpeller can proof dynamic text.

For map and layout annotations to be proofed by the Run command, two conditions must be met:

  1. The Map Annotation and Layout Annotation boxes must be checked in the MapSpeller Options dialog

  2. The MapSpeller toolbar must be set to proof the correct container: the layout page (and its maps), the focus map or the layout page without its maps.

When spell checking layouts or maps, MapSpeller 4.0 doesn't differentiate text objects based on their belonging to grouped graphics. If the type of object is set to be spell checked, all their occurrences will be spell checked regardless of their positions within or outside of grouped graphics. This is very convenient to end users as grouped graphics don't have to be broken down to their individual objects for them to be spell checked.

Additional Information
Map annotations are organized in annotation groups which can be controlled by the ArcMap Draw toolbar and from the Data Frame Properties dialog. MapSpeller proofs the visible annotations within all groups.

Map and layout annotations are typically added:
  • By using the ArcMap Draw toolbar

  • By converting labels into map annotation

  • By selecting Insert>Text or  Insert>Title from the ArcMap main menu

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