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   Spell Checking Map Legends

The MapSpeller spell-checker can detect and fix errors in standalone or grouped legends. This includes the spell-checking of legend titles, layer names, legend items, classes, labels and descriptions.

Note for ArcGIS 10.1 Users
MapSpeller 4.0 (build 4051) was written for ArcGIS 10.0. It runs without error in ArcGIS 10.1 but does not yet support ArcGIS 10.1 dynamic legends. As a result, MapSpeller may end up proofing more legend text that is actually visible on the layout page. Better be safe than sorry! And if the "extra" errors are corrected, the corrections will appear in the ArcMap table of contents. This will be adjusted in future releases to reflect MapSpeller philosophy of only proofing what will print from the layout page.
Important Notes
The MapSpeller spell-checker ignores:
  1. Legends of data frames with no or unknown spatial reference. Users will be notified when this is the case. To have all supported target legends spell checked, specify the spatial reference of all data frames of documents (as should be done anyway).
  2. Legend information from ArcIMS-, and ArcGIS-, server layers

However, it will detect words connected by underscores such as "Layer_Name", even when each word component is correctly spelled. This is often an issue when layer names are based on the names of their feature classes on hard disk.

When spell checking layouts, MapSpeller doesn't differentiate text objects based on their belonging to grouped graphics or not. If the type of object is set to be spell checked, all their occurrences will be spell checked regardless of their positions within or outside of grouped graphics. This is very convenient to end users as grouped graphics don't have to be broken down to their individual objects for them to be spell checked.

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