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   Spell Checking Grouped Graphics

Data frames, map and layout annotations, legends, scale bar and scale text objects can be regrouped into what are called grouped graphics. This ensures that all the objects of a group keep their locations relative to each other constant, making it easier to reposition these objects together. This grouping can be repeated any number of times as illustrated here with annotations. Once grouped, map and layout annotations, legends and scale objects behave somewhat differently from their standalone counterparts.

All textual objects supported by MapSpeller will be spell checked when requested, regardless of their belonging to groups or not. There is no limitation, including regarding the depth or level of grouping, or the amount of objects being grouped.

Automatically spell checking grouped graphics down to their individual objects is very convenient as it enables users to proof and correct such objects without having to ungroup them before spell checking them, and then regrouping them after.

Important Notes
  • The selection status of textual objects on the layout or in maps (as shown on the illustrations above) has no effect on what gets spell checked by MapSpeller, but the position of objects on or outside of the layout page does.
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