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   Controlling What Will Be Spell Checked

Several MapSpeller dialogs impact what gets proofed:
  1. The Targets tab of the MapSpeller Options dialog.


  2. The Exceptions tab of the MapSpeller Options dialog.

In addition, the combo box on the MapSpeller toolbar lets users focus on:

  • The whole layout page, including all its data frames (maps)
  • The layout page, except any of its data frames
  • The focus map (active data frame).

The other choices from the toolbar combo box enable the MapSpeller extension and inform users on how to proceed to proof tables, geodatabase annotations and layer labels.

Important Notes (Doesn't apply to table spell-checking)
  1. In addition, the MapSpeller engine will only spell check text that would print if sent to the ArcMap printer. Therefore, it only considers what is visible on, and laid onto, the layout page printable area. This provides users additional ways of controlling the amount of text that gets spell checked, focusing on what will actually be printed from the layout page or exported as an image, Acrobat PDF file, etc. 

  2. To spell check the full extent of a data frame, simply zoom to that extent and run the spell-checker.
  3. The selection status of textual objects on the layout page or in maps has no effect on what is spell checked by the MapSpeller engine.
  4. Users should make sure that the target objects in the MapSpeller Options dialog and the target container on the MapSpeller toolbar are set correctly before starting the engine.
  5. The MapSpeller engine will not spell check:
    • Any object that is not laying at least partially on the layout page printable area
    • Text that resides outside of the visible extent of data frames
    • Text that is invisible because of scale dependencies.
    • ArcMap format tags as long as they tag correctly spelled text
  6. Printable areas are specific to the printer models and page sizes. The printer settings that are taken into consideration by the MapSpeller spell-checker are those that are set in ArcMap at the time the spell-checker is run.
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