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   When the Spelling Is Right

There are two broad reasons why a correctly spelled word could be listed in the Potential Errors dialog.
  1. The word is in a danger dictionary.
  2. The word is missing from any of the dictionaries and from the Locationary area taken into consideration.

Potential errors can either be:

  1. Geographically bound, such as place names in a map (data frame). Location-bound words that are correctly spelled should not be added to conventional dictionaries. Instead they should be added to Locationaries because their spelling is only valid within a limited geographic area of the world. *
  2. Non-geographically bound, such as disclaimers. Such words should be added to a dictionary as their spellings are valid worldwide. **
The Add to Dictionary command and the Edit dialog should be used to add non-geographically bound words to personal dictionaries.

The Add to Locationary command is disabled for words residing on the layout page itself because their real world location hasn't been set within ArcMap.

Words residing in a data frame (map) could potentially be added to a dictionary or a Locationary using their corresponding Add to commands, or using the Error Editor (which is displayed by the Edit command). However, should that word be geographically bound, it should only be added to a Locationary using either the Add to Locationary or the Edit command.

Important Notes

Because Locationary words are tied to geography, the Add to Locationary command will only add the highlighted word to users' personal Locationaries even though the same word may be listed several times in the MapSpeller Potential Errors dialog. From a Locationary point of view and as a general rule, words with the same spelling but at different geographic locations are considered different. Should all the occurrences of a word spelling need to be added to a Locationary, the Edit command should be used for efficiency. The Error Editor also has an option for adding all such occurrences of geographically bound text in one step to a Locationary. Should this spelling also be encountered in objects on the layout page, and therefore not geographically bound (for ex., in the layout title), those occurrences would not be added to a Locationary or to a dictionary.

**  Once a word has been added to a conventional dictionary, it is considered correctly spelled in all circumstances and locations. Conventional dictionaries lack the ability to store areas of validity for spellings. Therefore all occurrences of identically spelled words are removed from the Potential Errors dialog, as that spelling is from then on considered correct anywhere on the layout page.

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