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   Replacing Errors with Suggestions

To substitute a spelling error with one of the suggested replacement words offered by the MapSpeller spell-checker:
  1. Right-click on the row with the potential error to highlight it on the layout and to bring up the word's context menu.
  2. Click on the suggested correction from the top section of the context menu.

The word is changed in ArcMap, and its row is automatically removed from the Potential Errors dialog.

Important Notes
  • Even though a misspelled word may be listed several times in the Potential Errors dialog, the substitution only takes place for the selected word/row (blue row).
  • To replace all the occurrences of a misspelling, use the Edit dialog which is also accessible from the context menu.
  • The suggested corrections will be grayed-out, and the substitution disabled, if the error is part of a table cell value from a table/field/cell that wasn't set in edit mode using ArcMap.
  • When proofing tables, word substitutions are only committed to databases when edit sessions are saved by end users, typically using the ArcMap Editor toolbar.
  • If the potential error is present in an active danger dictionary, it will be displayed in red in the list of replacement suggestions.

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