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   Navigating Around Potential Errors

The Potential Errors context menu offers a variety of panning and zooming commands to help users gain a better understanding of how a potential error should be handled. These navigation options are at the bottom of the context menu.
  • Zoom on Word. This command zooms to the extent of the textual object that contains the word that was right-clicked. For example, if the word is within a legend, this command will show the full legend. If the word is within a map or layout annotation, it will zoom in on that object.

  • Zoom In/Out zooms in or out of the center of the display based on the zoom factor selected.

  • Zoom Back/Next zooms back or forward to a previously set layout extent.

  • Panning can be performed by scrolling and by page movement.

    These latter tools perform exactly the same functions and have the same behavior as the equivalent commands from the ArcMap Customize dialog.


Important Notes
  • When spell-checking the layout page from the MapSpeller toolbar, the MapSpeller navigation commands act on the layout page itself, not its data frames. They are similar to the commands from the ArcMap Layout toolbar. The layout page represents what users want to print and therefore MapSpeller doesn't change its content other than correcting errors, if requested.
  • When spell-checking features, users can control if the map containing such features is to be spanned when needed to show the feature being handled.

  • If the full width or height of the page is visible in the layout view, the panning tools (Scroll & Page) will not move the layout sideways or up-and-down, respectively. This is inherited from ArcMap.
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