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   Interacting with Potential Errors

Following the error detection phase, the MapSpeller spell-checker creates a list of potential errors based on user-specified spelling options and targets.  Such typographical or positional errors are then displayed in the Potential Errors dialog; one potential error per row. The row also displays an arbitrary ID and the name of the container in which it was found. When the container is a data frame, its name is shown; if it's a dynamic text, its type is also shown.

The number of potential errors found and the number of those remaining to be processed are shown towards the bottom of the dialog. This is particularly handy when many potential errors are found.


Left-clicking on a row flashes the potential error in the layout view, data view and/or table, depending on the type of object in error.


Right-clicking on a row highlights its word in the layout view, data view and/or table (depending on the type of object in error), and displays a context menu from which users can:


The errors can be sorted alphabetically or by target container by clicking on the corresponding column header.

Important Note
When proofing layouts containing a dynamic text of type "PAGE" with a not-yet-supported property (for ex., Index:<dyn type="page" property="index">), MapSpeller will report the target object (or a reference to it) as "NoSupportYet" in the Potential Errors dialog.

In the adjacent illustration, the dynamic text presents two potential issues:

  1. ":NoSupportYet", which means that a space is likely missing between the leading static portion of the dynamic text (the word "Index" followed by the colon) and the page index itself (3)
  2. "NoSupportYet", which means that proofing of the active target is not yet supported by MapSpeller.

This is due to ArcMap not exposing certain internal functionality to programmers at the time of coding of MapSpeller. Edgetech has requested an enhancement from Esri and expects future ArcMap releases to expose the required functionality to third-party programmers.

The display of the "NoSupportYet" row in the Potential Errors dialog is controlled by the "Report read-only targets when potentially misspelled?" checkbox on the Dynamic Text tab of the MapSpeller Options dialog.

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