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   Manually Editing Errors

The MapSpellerError Editor is very flexible and powerful with three primary purposes:
  1. Editing an error using the keyboard. This would be needed, for example, if the word's context menu didn't offer the wanted replacement word.
  2. Replacing all occurrences of the misspelled word in the target container by the typed-in word. The word can be geographically bound or not.
  3. Adding the edited word to either:
    • A personal dictionary
    • A personal Locationary at the location of the word in the highlighted blue row of the Potential Errors dialog
    • A personal Locationary at the locations of all geographic occurrences of the misspelled word that it replaces. The occurrences of the word outside of maps (if any) are not added to Locationaries as they don't have a meaningful geographic location.

Replace a Single Word


Replace All / Add to Dictionary

The following dialog shows how all occurrences of a spelling can be replaced (ESRI being replaced by Esri), and how to add the correct spelling in the logged-in user's personal dictionary.



Add to Personal Locationary

The "Replace it by" word can also be added to the personal locationary at one location or all the locations where the "Misspelled word" appears. Not that the "Misspelled word" should be interpreted as "Potentially misspelled word". The "Replace it by" may or may not be the same as the word in the "Misspelled word" text box.


Disabled Edits

When proofing tables outside of an edit session, the Error Editor won't let users replace words. However, the dialog is still useful for adding correctly spelled word to a dictionary or Locationary.


Important Note
The option to add the replacement word to a Locationary is only available if the misspelled word resides in a data frame.
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