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   Bookmarking Potential Errors

An ArcMap bookmark is a geographic extent saved under a name that is recallable from the ArcMap Bookmarks menu. Bookmarking potential errors from within MapSpeller is useful for getting back to those words' locations after exiting the Potential Errors dialog. Users may want to edit those words manually using ArcMap commands, for example.

To create a bookmark from the Potential Errors dialog,
  1. Right-click on the word to get its context menu
  2. Select the Bookmark command

To return to the extent of a word's bookmark, in the data view or layout view:
  1. Activate the data frame (map) that contains the word
  2. From the ArcMap menu bar, a bookmark named after the bookmarked word should be listed under the Bookmarks menu
  3. Select the bookmark to zoom to the extent originally set around the word.
Important Notes
Bookmarking a word doesn't remove its row from the MapSpeller Potential Errors dialog, enabling users to perform additional actions on that word.

The requirements for bookmarking and geographic extent bookmarked depend on the type of object being bookmarked:

  • Objects on the layout page

    Objects on the layout page such as layout text, legends or scales don't have real world locations and therefore can't be bookmarked.
  • Text elements in maps (map annotations)
    • The MapSpeller bookmark command is only enabled when the map containing the object has a reference scale set. Setting it done by right-clicking on the data frame name in the ArcMap table of contents and selecting Reference Scale > Set Reference Scale. It can be reset in a similar manner after the spell checking process ends.

    • Bookmarks are set to the envelope of the object containing the word that was right-clicked on in the Potential Typo dialog.
  • Points in feature tables

    Bookmarks are set to geographic extents and not to one-dimensional points. A point feature doesn't have an extent and therefore its bookmark is set to the extent of the feature's map at the time the bookmark is set. Users are expected to zoom and pan on the map to the extent that they want to use before setting the bookmark.
  • Lines, polygons and annotations in feature tables

    Bookmarks for linear and polygonal features as well as geodatabase annotations are set to those objects' envelopes.
  • Standalone tables

    Records from standalone tables don't have a spatial component and therefore their bookmarking is not available.


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