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   MapSpeller Dictionary Languages

MapSpeller can proof in the following languages and cultures:
  1. Danish
  2. Dutch
  3. English (Canada)
  4. English (United Kingdom)
  5. English (United States)
  6. Finnish
  7. French
  8. German
  9. Italian
  10. Norwegian
  11. Portuguese (Portugal)
  12. Portuguese (Brazil)
  13. Spanish
  14. Swedish
  15. None, which is used by users to indicate that proofing should be done without system languages.

A generic language may come in cultural variants. For example, the English language comes in three cultures: English (Canada), English (United Kingdom) and English (United States). The culture influences the existence or spelling of certain words (such as color versus colour) within one "generic" language.


Each edition of MapSpeller has a primary language. It is automatically set during the software installation to the language of the first installation of the operating system on the computer. For example, if the computer had Windows installed in English (United States), the primary language is set to English. If Windows was installed in French, the primary language would be French. If the PC has an operating system installed in a language not supported by MapSpeller, MapSpeller will set it automatically to English. Once the primary language is licensed, users are able to switch to all the supported cultures of that language.

The MapSpeller Standard Edition will only proof in its primary language or one if its cultures. The Professional Edition lets users specify up to two additional languages for an additional fee. However, only one culture can be used at a time when proofing with that edition. All the cultures listed above are supported by the Multilingual Edition, which can proof in multiple languages and cultures simultaneously.

The Simultaneous Cultures list box is only enabled when the MapSpeller Multilingual Edition is licensed.

Important Notes
  • System dictionaries can't be edited and therefore unwanted dictionary words can't be removed from them. However, such words can be flagged as potential errors using danger dictionaries, providing a similar outcome.
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