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   MapSpeller Personal Dictionaries

Personal dictionaries complement other types of dictionaries.

Personal dictionaries are designed to let individual users save words that they deemed correctly spelled worldwide so that they would not constantly be flagged as potential errors. Geographically-bound words should be saved in personal Locationaries™ (spatial dictionaries) instead.

Personal dictionaries are called personal or user dictionaries because they are specific to each user and don't impact others. They will roam.

Each culture supported by MapSpeller has a separated personal dictionary; Only one primary culture can be set at time. The personal dictionary is automatically set to that of the primary culture. Of course, it can be turned off.

Importing Dictionaries

Third-party dictionaries or any MapSpeller personal dictionary can be imported into the personal dictionary of the current primary culture of the logged-in person by using the Import Personal Dictionary dialog.

Adding Words

Words can be added to the personal dictionary of, and by, the logged in person by first selecting the appropriate primary culture and then using one of the following methods:

Removing Words

Words can be removed from a personal dictionary of the currently logged-in person by using one of the following methods:


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