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   MapSpeller Enterprise and Specialized Dictionaries

Enterprise and Specialized Dictionaries complement other types of dictionaries.

Corporate dictionaries typically reside on the corporate network and are accessible to all MapSpeller users. They may contain uncommon words and acronyms whose spelling has been approved at the corporate level and should be used in all publications and data.

Specialized dictionaries typically contain words specific to a profession or industry, for example foresters or GIS professionals have their own specialized vocabulary. Such dictionaries may be used by a single individual and be stored on his/her PC or they may be handled as corporate dictionaries.

Finding Enterprise and Specialized Dictionaries

The source of existing corporate dictionaries should be your organization. Specialized dictionaries may be available from governments, industry associations, etc. The Internet is a great resource for searching for such dictionaries. Search keywords should not be limited to "dictionary" but may also include "word list", "glossary", "acronyms and abbreviations", etc.

Once found, such dictionaries may need to be manually formatted to be compatible with MapSpeller.

Creating and Editing Enterprise and Specialized Dictionaries

Enterprise and Specialized Dictionaries can't be edited directly using a MapSpeller dialog. This is done partly to keep their integrity. However, organizations may set procedures to periodically allow dictionary administrators to manually update such dictionaries.

The format of Enterprise and Specialized Dictionaries is the same as that of personal dictionaries. Therefore, should one want to use a dialog to create a corporate or specialized dictionary, one could start with a blank personal dictionary, populate it with the Edit Personal Dictionary dialog and then rename and move the dictionary elsewhere (on a shared network drive if the dictionary has to become a corporate dictionary).

Activating Enterprise and Specialized Dictionaries

MapSpeller 4.0 comes with one specialized English technical dictionary that is always listed in the Options dialog, regardless of primary culture.

Enterprise and specialized dictionaries other than the MapSpeller technical dictionary can be added to, removed from, and activated in, MapSpeller using the controls Enterprise and Specialized Dictionary section of the Options dialog.


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