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   Avoiding Embarrassing Word Substitutions

MapSpeller is able to detect potentially unwanted words using danger dictionaries.

What Are Danger dictionaries?

Danger dictionaries are dictionaries that store correctly spelled words that one would want to review, double-check in the spell-checking process.

Danger dictionaries are a good place to store embarrassing word substitutions such as "sight" for "site", "bee" for "be", "worm" for "warm", or worse "pubic" for "public".

Danger dictionaries are also useful in detecting unusually spelled last names, for ex. "Roose" which is being pronounced "Rose". Every time, "Rose" is encountered, MapSpeller would flag it and offer "Roose" as a potential replacement. Dictionaries are case-sensitive, so "rose" would not be caught in the example.

MapSpeller Danger Dictionaries Provided

MapSpeller uses danger dictionaries to keep track of potentially unwanted words. There is one danger dictionary, such as Danger_English (USA).dic,  associated with each supported culture. However, MapSpeller 4.0 only provides very small danger dictionaries in English and empty danger dictionaries in other languages.

Activating Danger Dictionaries

Activating or deactivating the use of the primary culture danger dictionary is done with the checkbox in the danger dictionary area of the MapSpeller Options dialog.

Populating Danger Dictionaries

Danger Dictionaries can be populated using the Danger Dictionary Editor, which is called from the Edit Danger Dictionary button on the MapSpeller Options dialog.

Third-party danger dictionaries can also be imported into the active danger dictionary if they comply with the MapSpeller danger dictionary format.

Location of Danger Dictionary Files

The default location of danger dictionaries for a user with a "XYZ" Windows login name is:

  • Windows Vista or Windows 7: C:\Users\XYZ\AppData\Roaming\Edgetech America\MapSpeller.
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\XYZ\Application Data\Edgetech America\MapSpeller

To see these folders in Windows Explorer, the latter should be set to show hidden files.

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