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   Forcing Specific Suggestions

When users right-click on a row in the Potential Errors dialog, MapSpeller suggests replacement words.

If MapSpeller is not offering the desired replacement suggestion, it is possible that:

  • The intended dictionaries weren't turned on
  • The suggestion isn't part of any active dictionary. Adding such word to the personal dictionary solves the issue if the misspelled word is close in spelling or pronunciation to its suggestion.
  • The suggestion was in an active dictionary but wasn't ranked high enough to make it to the list. These types of situations can be solved by increasing the number of suggestions offered by MapSpeller.
  • The desired suggestion is too different from the error. If such is the case, a new line must be added manually to the personal dictionary using Notepad. The command letter to use is "c". This method is described below.

Forcing Specific Suggestions

MapSpeller Personal Dictionary Format

Forcing specific suggestions can be done using the Danger Dictionary Editor

Important Notes
  • Dictionaries are case sensitive.

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