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   The Edit Personal Dictionary Dialog

To edit a personal dictionary using the MapSpeller Edit Personal Dictionary dialog,
  1. Open the MapSpeller Options dialog and activate the Dictionaries tab

  2. Set the primary culture to that of the personal dictionary you would like to edit

  3. Click on the Edit button in the Personal Dictionary section of the Options dialog to call the Edit Personal Dictionary dialog

  4. To add a new word, type it in and then click the Add button
  5. To remove words, check the box next to the words in the list and click on the Delete button. MapSpeller will ask you for confirmation.
Important Notes
  • The only purpose of the checkboxes in the Edit Personal Dictionary dialog is only to determine which words are to be deleted. They don't influence which dictionary words will be used when proofing.
  • System language dictionary words can't be removed. However, such words can be flagged as potential errors using danger dictionaries, providing a similar outcome.
  • Dictionaries are case-sensitive.
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