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   Updating the MapSpeller™ Software

  Edgetech America, Inc. is continuously evolving and improving the MapSpeller software. Therefore, users are expected to participate in its maintenance program. One of the benefits of this program is the availability of  updates at no additional cost via website downloads.

MapSpeller versions are identified by the first two numbers in their release number while MapSpeller builds are identified by the third number. For example, MapSpeller 4.0.4030 corresponds to MapSpeller version 4.0 with the build number 4030. Versions identify the available software end-user functionality or architecture, while build numbers identify software changes aimed at improving the way the software implements this functionality (including bug fixes).

Updating MapSpeller ArcMap add-ins don't require Windows administrative rights.

The installation process is initiated by calling the InstallShield or the Esri installation wizard. This is done by double-clicking on a setup.exe file or a MapSpeller.esriaddin file, whichever is present.

The licensing information and the customized data files remain intact when updating. However, users updating from an earlier version than MapSpeller 3.1.3163 may need to update their personal keys (MapSpeller_ini.txt). MapSpeller will inform users in such cases and provide instructions.

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