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   Registering the MapSpeller™ Extension

After installing the MapSpeller software, you will need to register it and obtain a keycode from Edgetech America, Inc. This keycode will unlock the MapSpeller spell-checking functionality.


  1. While still being a Windows administrator, Start ArcMap with elevated administrator privileges. This is critical in Windows 8, 7 and VISTA.

  2. Select the Options menu from the MapSpeller toolbar.

  3. Read and accept the licensing agreement, then enter your contact information on the Licensing page and click on either the Evaluate or Buy License button.
  4. To obtain the keycodes, the information from the form must reach Edgetech America, Inc. MapSpeller users work in a variety of environments. Therefore MapSpeller will attempt to forward the information from the form (and only that) to Edgetech in a couple of ways:
    1. By forwarding this information to the Edgetech ftp server. No user interaction is needed for this.

    2. By preparing an email with the same information and calling their default Windows email program. Users only need to click on the send button.

    3. The computer may not be connected to the Internet or may not have this functionality. Therefore both of those methods may fail. If such is the case, users should manually email the following file to
      1. In Windows 7 or Vista: c:\ProgramData\Edgetech America\License\SingleUser\MapSpeller_wat.txt
      2. In Windows XP, C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Edgetech America\License\SingleUser\MapSpeller_wat.txt


Important Notes
  • If the keycode is incorrect or corrupted (by a firewall, etc.) an error message will appear and a copy will be sent to Edgetech's ftp server.
  • If you are registering the extension for someone else, that person will still need to register as a user. The person who registers the software is automatically registered as a user.
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