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   Registering as an Additional MapSpeller™ User

  There are several types of MapSpeller licenses: PC-based, Citrix-based, ELA-based. Therefore, everyone using the software must register with Edgetech. The person who registers the software is automatically registered as a user and therefore, in such case, the procedure below is irrelevant.

The procedure below should be followed by all other users accessing MapSpeller on the PC or Citrix server after logging in Windows using their own login user names. No Windows Administrative rights are needed for this.

If you are not seeing the MapSpeller toolbar in the list of ArcMap toolbars (ArcMap > Customize > Toolbars > MapSpeller), open Windows Explorer and double-click on the MapSpeller esriaddin file that resides within the MapSpeller download or CD in the "\program files\Edgetech America\MapSpeller folder". This will install the add-in portion of the software. There is no need to extract the esriaddin file from the zip file first.

  • If you share a PC with MapSpeller and/or haven't installed the software yourself, you will need to register yourself as a user. This is done from the MapSpeller Options dialog.
  • If you access ArcGIS on one or several servers from one or several terminals, you will need to register yourself once as a MapSpeller user per server. You must also have purchased the terminal server MapSpeller license.

To register as a user, click on the "Register As User" button on the Licensing tab of the MapSpeller Options dialog and follow the same procedure as if you were registering your PC or terminal.

Important Notes
  • Registering as a user doesn't require Windows administrative rights and should be done by end-users themselves.
  • System administrators in charge of registering multiple users should consider an alternative method.
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