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   Obtaining the MapSpeller™ Software

  The MapSpeller software can easily be obtained by:
  • Downloading it from or From the burgundy toolbar at the top, select Download.
    This is the recommended method as it is convenient and guarantees the latest build. The software has been digitally signed to ensure its integrity and origin.
  • Obtaining a CD free of charge at conferences where Edgetech exhibits
  • Ordering a CD for a fee.
Important Notes
  1. Prior to installing the software, users should check the MapSpeller website to verify that they are in possession of the latest build/version and that their systems meet that version's requirements. MapSpeller users are expected to subscribe to a yearly maintenance program that includes software updates. Therefore, Edgetech technical support's main focus is on supporting the latest MapSpeller release.
  2. The MapSpeller evaluation and full license software differ only by the duration of their licenses. Therefore, unless a new version/build of MapSpeller has become available, users who migrate from the evaluation to the full license shouldn't reinstall the software. They should only purchase and obtain full license keycodes.
  3. In a similar manner, users who want to change their edition need not to reinstall MapSpeller but only to update their keycodes as all MapSpeller editions share the same source code at a particular build/version, unless a new version/build of MapSpeller has become available.
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