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   Installing the MapSpeller™ Software

The MapSpeller software and its associated files have been packaged into a digitally signed, executable setup file with the InstallShield software for an easy, reliable, secure, industry-compliant installation. The web version has thereafter been compressed into a ZIP file to reduce its size and avoid being blocked by most firewalls. To install the MapSpeller software:
  1. Log in with Windows administrative rights on the PC where the software is to be installed
  2. Start the installation wizard by double-clicking on the setup.exe file from Windows Explorer
    1. If you have downloaded the MapSpeller software from, the setup.exe file is within the folder.
    1. If you are installing from the MapSpeller CD instead, insert it into the CD drive of the machine where you want to install the MapSpeller software. If the installation wizard doesn't start on its own, double-click on the setup.exe file on the CD using Windows Explorer to start the installation process.
  3. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard. It will first install the MapSpeller dependencies and then the Esri add-in. Once both components are installed, the MapSpeller functionality is accessible from its ArcMap toolbar.
Important Notes
  1. After installing the MapSpeller software, you will still need to register your copy with Edgetech America, Inc.
  2. If you are installing the MapSpeller extension in a terminal server environment (or equivalent), you must obtain a license for that purpose: see the license agreement and contact Edgetech America, Inc.
  3. If you already have the MapSpeller dependencies installed on your PC, you only need to update the Esri add-in component portion of MapSpeller by double-clicking on the MapSpeller40.esriaddin file in Windows Explorer and restart ArcMap.
  4. No Windows administrative rights are needed to update the MapSpeller ArcMap add-in. The add-in must be updated by each user, unless users access the add-in from an ArcMap Known Add-In Folder.
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