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   Taking Screen Snapshots or Videos

Windows Media Encoder

When encountering a computer problem, it is often useful to provide technical support personnel at a remote location screen snapshots of error messages or a screen video that shows the steps that lead to the error messages. The first error message encountered is the most important one. Following messages are often due to conditions that generated the first one. The MapSpellersnapshot image or video should be emailed with a description of the problem to Edgetech America, Inc.

Taking a Screen Snapshot

  1. Push the keyboard PrntScrn (PrintScreen) key. This places a snapshot of the entire screen into PC memory. If you are only interested in making a snapshot of the active window only, press the Alt and PrntScrn together instead (ALT+PrntScrn).
  2. Open Windows Paint
  3. From its Edit menu, select Paste. The screen snapshot should appear in the Paint program.
  4. Save as jpg.

Taking a Screen Video

  1. Start Windows Media Encoder. It is installed by default on Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you are running Windows XP, it can be downloaded from the Microsoft website free of charge:
  2. Follow the Windows Media Encoder instructions to capture a video clip of the problem.
  3. Save it to a .wmv file.
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