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   Known MapSpeller™ Issues

Issue 4.0.3: ArcMap 10.2.1 (or higher) encounters a feature class COM exception when spatial spell-checking is turned on
Description ArcMap introduced a bug at version 10.2.1 that wasn't there in prior releases. In MapSpeller 4.0.4072, this bug expresses itself by raising a COM exception error message when MapSpeller creates feature classes during the process of spatial spell-checking.
Fix Update to MapSpeller version 4.0.4080 or higher when running ArcMap 10.2.1. No action is needed when using ArcMap 10.0 to 10.2.0.
Issue 4.0.2: Service Layer Credits dynamic text
Description Due to an inconsistency within ArcMap (Esri NIM089415 and NIM089426), dynamic text pointing to Service Layer Credits can't be corrected by MapSpeller.
Workaround MapSpeller will display a warning when such situation is encountered.
Fix This issue must be addressed by Esri before it can be fixed in MapSpeller.
Issue 4.0.1: MapSpeller 4.0 Multilingual Edition
Description The spell-checking engine licensed by MapSpeller has a limitation in the total length of the paths and/or names of active dictionaries and locationaries. If this limit of over 500 characters is exceeded, some dictionaries are not taken into consideration.
Workaround MapSpeller will display a warning when such situation is encountered which typically happens when proofing in more than three languages simultaneously.
The workaround consists in avoiding dictionaries or locationaries with long file names and turning spatial spell-checking and danger dictionaries off.
Fix No fix expected anytime soon!
Issue 3.0.1: Highlighting the Bottom Record Value in a Table
Description Left-clicking or right-clicking on a row from the MapSpeller Potential Errors dialog doesn't scroll the ArcMap table to the corresponding record if the latter is the bottom-most record in the table. This is due to a bug in ArcMap, not MapSpeller. Other operations on that record will still work properly but users may not get the normal visual feedback from the table.
  1. Proceed without the visual feedback from the table, or
  2. Start with that bottom-most record visible in table and process it right away from the Potential dialog, or
  3. Sort the table differently before spell-checking.
Fix This issue can only be resolved by Esri and is still one at ArcGIS 10.0 Service Pack 1.
Issue 2.0.2: Map Services Are Ignored in Legends
Description Legend information from ArcIMS-, and ArcGIS®-, server layers are not spell checked. This is due to the nature of such layers. Once published, most information in such services can't be changed.
Workaround Prior to publishing their map documents as services, map publishers should spell check them with the ArcMap MapSpeller extension.
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