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   Spell Checking Data Driven Pages

ArcMap data driven pages (DDP) allow users to create map books from a series of layout pages built from a single map document. Both data driven pages and dynamic text were introduced to ArcMap at version 10.0.

Data driven pages rely extensively on dynamic text to guarantee that text on the layout page is updated along with the content of data frames "when a page is turned".

Dynamic text referring to data driven pages are of Page type and follow a syntax similar to: <dyn type="page" property="xyz"/> where xyz is a property name that can take the following values in ArcMap 10.0:

  • Count
  • Index
  • Name
  • Number
  • A field name from the DDP layer.

ArcMap 10.1 supports a couple more properties:

  • Expression
  • Attribute

A more complete example of dynamic text syntax associated with DDP is: preDynStaticText <dyn type="page" property="xyz"/ preStr="abc" postStr="mno" emptyStr="pqr"> postDynStaticText

MapSpeller Standard, Professional and Multilingual Editions will all proof the preDynStaticText and postDynStaticText component of Page dynamic text.

Unfortunately, at the time of the coding of MapSpeller 4.0.4050 (mostly under ArcGIS 10.0), ArcMap wasn't providing enough access to its DDP interface elements for MapSpeller to proof all other elements in all cases. Edgetech has submitted a request for such access and expects Esri to add it in future releases. At that point, MapSpeller will be updated.

In the meantime, MapSpeller will proof the contents of preDynStaticText, preStr, postStr, emptyStr, postDynStaticText and check for missing spaces regardless of the content of the active target. It will also refer to the active target with the "NoSupportYet" keyword in the Potential Errors dialog.

The Dynamic Text tab of the MapSpeller Options dialog box lets users control if they want to:

  • Receive warning messages when unsupported dynamic text properties are encountered
  • Have a "NoSupportYet" row displayed in the Potential Errors dialog. This is handy to quickly review the actual dynamic text result on the layout page.
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