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   Transferring MapSpeller™ Settings

This page discusses how to transfer your MapSpeller settings from one PC (where MapSpeller was running) to a new one (where MapSpeller has just been installed).

The settings that will be transferred include:

  1. Software, maintenance and individual keycodes.*
  2. Personal spell-checking preferences. Those settings are those visible in the MapSpeller Options dialog.
  3. Personal dictionaries, personal danger dictionaries and personal spatial dictionaries (locationaries)
  4. Usage statistics.

This procedure should be done after MapSpeller has been installed on a new PC.

  1. Make sure you are logged in using the same username that you use when running MapSpeller
  2. Make sure ArcMap is closed on both PCs
  3. Copy your MapSpeller profile/setting folder from your old PC to your new one at the equivalent location. That folder is,
    • In Windows 8, 7 or Vista: C:\Users\<YourLoginName>\AppData\Roaming\Edgetech America\MapSpeller
    • In Windows XP, C:\Documents and Settings\<YourLoginName>\Application Data\Edgetech America\MapSpeller

    Where <YourLoginName> should be replaced by your current login name.

Important Notes
* This process will also work to transfer settings from previous versions of MapSpeller. However, the software key will not transfer (as it was located elsewhere) and is not compatible with MapSpeller 4.1 or higher.
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