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   Removing a MapSpeller™ Installation

There are several components to a MapSpeller 4.1 installation:

  1. The MapSpeller dependencies
  2. The MapSpeller ArcMap add-in
  3. The MapSpeller Profile folder
1. The MapSpeller dependencies
  Removing the MapSpeller dependencies is done using the standard Windows procedure. The Windows Control Panel (Window's Start button > Settings > Control Panel) contains either an Add or Remove Programs icon (Windows XP) or a Programs and Features icon (Windows 8, 7 or Vista). Opening that icon will bring a list of installed programs, including MapSpeller Dependencies, and an interface to remove those programs from the computer.
2. The MapSpeller ArcMap add-in
  Before removing the add-in, it is best to first close the MapSpeller toolbar if it is open.

By default MapSpeller installs its ArcMap add-in on a per user basis. To remove such add-in, go to the ArcMap Add-In Manager (ArcMap > Customize > Add-In Manager...), select the MapSpeller add-in and click on the Delete Add-In button and close ArcMap.

Sometimes the ArcMap Add-In Manager doesn't delete the add-in properly. To make sure all previous MapSpeller add-ins are removed,

  1. Close ArcMap, if still open
  2. Start Windows Explorer
  3. Look into
    • C:\Users\<YourLoginName>\Documents\ArcGIS\AddIns\Desktop10.0
    • C:\Users\<YourLoginName>\Documents\ArcGIS\AddIns\Desktop10.1
      where <YourLoginName> should be replaced by your actual login name.
  4. If you find folders similar to {5d29b9c9-62dc-435a-bcd2-05267cffc605} that contain a mapspeller.esriaddin file, delete them.

Add-ins can also be shared by declaring add-in folders in the ArcMap Add-In Manager. Removing the folder containing the MapSpeller add-in will prevent ArcMap from seeing that add-in.

3. The MapSpeller Profile Folder Personal dictionary and Locationary data
  Edgetech recommends leaving the MapSpeller profile folder untouched even after uninstalling MapSpeller software as it contains valuable personalized information that one may want to use at a later point. The MapSpelller profile folder contains:
  • Personal and danger dictionaries
  • Personal locationaries (spatial dictionaries)
  • Registration files
  • Usage summaries

The personal data files for a XYZ user are located:

  • In Windows XP in: C:\Documents and Settings\XYZ\Application Data\Edgetech America\MapSpeller
  • In Windows Vista, 7 or 8 in: C:\Users\XYZ\AppData\Roaming\Edgetech America\MapSpeller

To see these folders in Windows Explorer, the latter should be set to show hidden folders.

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