MapSpeller™ Editions at Version 4.x

Edgetech America, Inc. is pleased to offer three editions of MapSpeller at version 4.x (versions 4.0 and 4.1)
  1. The Standard Edition is for those who publish maps in a single language and rely on databases built by others.
  2. The Professional Edition is for those whose responsibility includes high-quality geodatabases. Standard Edition users rely on them for accurate layer labels, geodatabase annotations, and any tabular information. Of course, Professional Edition users may also want to publish maps and therefore that edition includes all the capabilities of the Standard Edition as well. In addition, users of the Professional Edition may elect to purchase support for up to two additional languages. Proofing is limited to one language at a time however.
  3. The Multilingual Edition offers all the capabilities of the Professional Edition but is designed for those who work with multilingual maps. It can proof those maps (& tables) in multiple languages simultaneously and supports 11 languages (14 cultures).
MapSpeller 4.x Editions*
Features Standard Professional Multilingual

ArcGIS Objects Spell-Checked


Layout annotations

Grouped layout annotations

Map annotations

Grouped map annotations


Grouped legends

Scale bars

Grouped scale bars

Scale text objects

Grouped scale text objects


Text field values


Layer labels (via the table labeling fields)


Geodatabase annotations (via the TextString field)

Data-driven page fields
ArcGIS 10 dynamic text (evaluated dynamically)      
Non-field based targets
Field-based targets (via their tables)
Prestr, Poststr, EmptyStr tags

Static text component

Missing spaces between dynamic text components
Language compatibility
Cultural compatibility

ArcMap Format Tags


(such as ignoring words in uppercase, etc.)


Spatial Spell-Checking

Personal multilingual Locationary
Based on Locationary features in visible extent
Based on Locationary features within a radius of word being spell-checked
Based on multiple Locationaries
Option to overwrite danger dictionaries
Of data in a projected coordinate system
Of data in a geographic coordinate system
(projected on-the-fly projection to optimize accuracy)


First installed Windows language of the PC if supported by MapSpeller.
Otherwise, English (in American, British and Canadian variants)
Option to disable conventional spell-checking to rely exclusively on spatial proofing
Simultaneous proofing in multiple languages No No
Additional languages                  


No *


No *

English (Canada)
English (United Kingdom)
English (United States)



No *


No *


No *


No *


No *

Portuguese (Portugal)
Portuguese (Brazil)

No *


No *


No *

* Up to 2 add'l non-simultaneous languages are available for a one-time charge to Professional Edition users


Other Dictionaries

Personal dictionaries (one per language)
Importing of third-party dictionaries incl. Microsoft personal dictionaries (Word, Windows Mail, etc.)
Editing via simple dialog
Includes a technical dictionary (English)
Danger dictionary (one per language)
Importing of third-party danger dictionaries
Editing via simple dialog
Adding and sharing multiple third-party, specialized and/or enterprise dictionaries


Should Locationary words used to spell check maps also be used for layout objects?
Spatial bookmarking of potential typographic or positional errors
One-click settings optimization for batch processing
One-click settings optimization maximum interactivity
One-click resetting to factory


Installation status reporting
Automatic bug reporting
Usage statistics reporting

Pricing, Support,
Upgrades & Maintenance

Annual maintenance (single license)      
Technical support
Three-year "drop-dead" key (not relevant when on maintenance)
Renewable one time (for the same ArcGIS version)
License Key Availability      



Citrix, per-username

(4 Min.)

(2 Min.)

Citrix, system-wide

MapSpeller 3.0 Is for ArcGIS 9.x
MapSpeller 3.0 Professional Edition is the only edition available for ArcGIS 9.x. This is an older version and therefore many of the features listed above are not available. It only supports the English language (American, Canadian and British cultures).
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