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Why Choose Edgetech's GIS Training?

Simply put, Edgetech offers the best return on your investment, regardless of type of GIS training service purchased:

Edgetech America, Inc. aims at offering quality training that will fit within your budgetary, timing and functional requirements. To achieve this, Edgetech: 

  • Has one of the leading and most experienced Esri Authorized Instructors on staff.

    • Edgetech has been ranked in the Top 3 Instructors in the USA by Esri.

    • Esri presented Edgetech with the prestigious Esri Foundation Partner Award in 2005.

  • Teaches with its portable lab or your equipment at or near your location.

  • Offers nationally-recognized Continuing Education Units (CEU).

  • Courses count towards GIS Professional (GISP) certification.

Need more convincing? Read Edgetech's trainee testimonials or contact Edgetech.

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