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Student Project Workshop


Student Project Workshops help students apply the techniques they have learned in instructor-led classes to their current or upcoming GIS projects. Students bring questions and data to the workshop. They can also bring their own computers, rent Edgetech's or just use the instructor's.

The Student Project Workshop is designed for people who:

  • Have taken ArcGIS classes.
  • Want a head-start with their GIS projects: "Putting it all together".
  • Support in applying what they learned in our classes to their particular situation. 
  • Temporary GIS expertise to help them solve technical GIS or managerial challenges.

The workshop's goal is to help participants "learn to learn".  The instructor is a facilitator who works with participants helping them find their own solutions to projects they are currently working on or are expecting in the near future. The workshop focuses on logical problem solving, pointing out valuable resources, combine different techniques or steps to achieve a goal, etc. It puts a variety of techniques learned in class together and applies them to the students data.

This is a very cost-effective way to get started on projects or to solve difficult issues.


The instructor is experienced in a variety of GIS projects. He can therefore quickly grasp the issues at hand and help you develop and implement strategies for solving them.


  • Start implementing your projects with the help of the instructor and the other trainees
  • Receive technical and managerial advice
  • Save on project implementation time
  • Build a strong and long-lasting relationship with the instructor and the other trainees


The workshop costs $1,200 for up to one day, plus instructor travel and computer rental, if applicable.  Workshops can be attended by up to 12 people.  

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