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To Manual's Table of ContentsEdgetech America, Inc. is experienced in developing custom-made courses for its clients. For example, it developed a one-day What's New in ArcGIS 9.0 course at the request of a client. Before that, it had also developed as a three-day, 350-page Mastering ArcView GIS course as a complement to the Esri Authorized Introduction to ArcView GIS course. 

The courses have similar formats.  The class time is divided between lectures and hands-on exercises.  Participants receive a training manual and a CD-ROM with the exercise data so they can continue practicing and learning on their own after the class. A certificate of completion is issued at the end of the session. 

The Mastering ArcView GIS course goes beyond knowing how to operate the ArcView software and addresses "real-life" situations that most organizations encounter with GIS.  

They get data from external sources that:
  • Are not in the right projection,
  • Come in a multitude of small files,
  • Are poorly documented,
  • Are without coordinate information,
  • Need some sort of generalization and customization.

They need to access some of the functionality from extensions, sample scripts or Avenue.  This functionality is provided by Esri but is not in the standard ArcView interface.

They encounter versioning, portability, consistency and security problems.

The course also covers the many capabilities of ArcView 3.2 that were new at the time, such as the Projection Utility and the GeoProcessing and Buffering Wizards, its advanced map enhancements features as well as its report creation capabilities. 


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