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Dear GIS User:

While there exist several options for taking online courses, instructor-led training offers many advantages such as ease and speed of learning, interactions with the instructor and other trainees. By alternating lectures with hands-on, self-paced exercises, trainees' time out of the office is optimized. Interactions in a small class and relaxed setting also enable trainees to address GIS challenges pertaining directly to their job.
By providing the most efficient way of learning, instructor-led classes save money and time that employees would otherwise spend many times over experimenting. So, it is a good investment. But how to keep its cost down?
Since 1996, Edgetech America has been a leading Esri Authorized Instructor. It has always been aware of the expense its customers incur when taking its classes. Therefore it has focused on providing convenient and quality classes, and several ways for its customer to register trainees thereby optimizing cost. Edgetech offers:
  • Nearby classes (open enrollment), so you don't have to pay for travel time and expenses.
  • Frequent classes (open enrollment), so trainees can learn at the right time in their project life cycle and you don't have to send a lot of staff away from the office at the same time.
  • Client-site group classes nationwide, so you can benefit from the best rates, your location and your own schedule. You can choose to use Edgetech's equipment or yours. Edgetech's client-site (on-site) classes start with only four trainees. Trainees No. 5 to 12 could pay as little as $295/day if you provide the equipment.*
  • Customized schedules for groups, including after conventional work hours or during week-ends.
  • Multiple payment methods, including credit cards, checks, purchase orders, and the federal Central Contractor Registry (CCR).
  • Customized course development services
  • Post-training Student Project Workshops
For additional information on Edgetech's course offerings contact Edgetech or visit www.discoverGIS.com.

Denis Roose, President
Edgetech America, Inc.
An Esri Foundation Partner

* Cost subject to change without notice.

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