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"Best GIS course I've taken yet. Impeccably organized."

“The course was very informative; A MUST
if you want to be able to use the system. The instructor was excellent!

"Denis was very good at explaining the program. 
I was surprised how easy it was to understand and
operate something that looked so complicated."

"The course was one of the best I have ever attended. I was concerned at first
(before the course started) we would merely walk through the manual.
The background and tangential information that was provided was great.
Finally, Mr. Roose has a wonderful, warm and helpful style of teaching.
He easily walked us through some very technical territory,
avoiding landmines along the way."

"This was a great class: a good mix of lecture
and exercises to keep it interesting & to learn with
hands-on experience."

"I felt that the course was extremely informative and well thought out.
Overall excellent.  I am glad I had the opportunity to attend."


"Denis did a good job at balancing the participants
base experience with the complexity of the material.
He should be commended on his patience and intellect."

"Denis' commitment to providing a learning environment
which extends the workbook is very evident and a
tremendous benefit to the students."

“It is very helpful to see a demonstration
 of all the capabilities of the  new ArcGIS product. Its focus
 is much different than the previous ArcInfo versions.
 Mr. Roose demonstrates the  concepts of this new approach
with great
dexterity and a depth of  knowledge..."

"Having the ability to ask questions was an excellent feature..."

"The instructor was excellent.  His knowledge and experience
have made the class worthwhile.  He was able to give us the big picture
by emphasizing the crucial points.  His experience with GIS was also invaluable
because he could go beyond  the scope of the course material, enriching us with more powerful skills."

"Excellent and timely."

"As a new GIS user, I appreciate the time that the instructor took
to explain how ArcView can be integrated with ArcInfo
and our existing mainframe databases."

"Denis' enthusiasm for ArcView and its many applications
makes the course informative and enjoyable."

"Very good instructor & good manual. 
It is really helpful to have colleagues taking the course,
to further the learning process in the workplace."

"This course was very useful in showing me
how to use existing data in the ArcView environment;
very useful in being able to associate existing tables
to spatial data and obtain pertinent information."

"Denis was an outstanding instructor. 
He was very thorough and very

"The class was made simple
so that I was able to follow the instructor.  
The text led, clearly, through examples,
so that I could understand the steps."

"I thought the course was a very good introduction
to how ArcView works and its applicability to real work data."

"Excellent presenter.  Denis kept the pace at a level
that did not allow the amount of information to seem insurmountable"

"Mr. Roose was very knowledgeable & extremely helpful."

"Well organized & presented."

"Denis was real personable, explained unclear concepts very well."

"Excellent course; excellent product.  I look forward to using ArcView."

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